Monday, 6 April 2009

Suggestions please....

First of all.......let me introduce you to the newest member of our growing 'family'. This is the darling little puppy that we'll be getting after I return from my trip to England. It's only just been born so it's not ready to leave it's mummy quite yet. It's Miniature Pinscher, so he's only going to grow to be about 10 lbs at his biggest, but we looked after one of these for a month last year and despite him being a little thief(he ran away with my hair scrunchies and flip flops) I grew rather attatched to him.
So, my question to you all is this. What should we name him? We need an original sounding Pedigree name which has to start with Karolina's (because that's the breeding house it comes from). Some of the others are called "Karolina's Lock 'n' Load" (his everyday name was meant to be Shooter - but we called him Stinky), "Karolina's Deja Blue" (Shortened to Deja) and "Karolina's Chocolate Covered Bling"(Shortened to Bling).
I need something original. I'm not concerned with the everyday name, I think he'll almost choose his own when we get to know his personality, but his pedigree name needs to be something good. I'd like it to be English in some way. You know, maybe Karolina's English Knight....or perhaps something less lame. But I would like to get something in there that refers to my country of birth.
Oh and my eyes are still healing. My right eye is ok - just a little dry and irritated, but my left is still blurry at best. They assure me it's normal, so hopefully all will be worthwhile when I can wear eye make up without looking like a clown because it's smeared all over my glasses!


Fine For Now said...

OH I just LOVE Min Pins!!!

In fact, that's what I wanted instead of our Doberman! :o)

I think something like Duke or Prince would be cute! What is your hometown, maybe you could say something like Duke/Prince _____ ?


Sunny said...

Well, if he turns out to be a lil bit of a thief like the other could always call him Karolina's Robin of Locksley...LMAO!!!

Prince Of Thieves.Puppies are definitely that.

Kelly said...

You guys ROCK!!!! I love those ideas. In fact I am really leaning towards Karolina's Prince of Thieves. .... That's a wicked suggestion!

Mary Beth said...

so great to hear from you kelly! your baby is a beauty. i think you should name him harry. just because.

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