Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Day 12

12 days after the eye doctors sliced off the top of my cornea and played around in there with a laser...........I am seeing quite well. My right eye has perfect 20/20 vision, and my left eye is 20/40. There is still some blurriness through my left eye, but it's minimal and at my most recent checkup they told me it wa all normal and a part of the healing process. I go back in another 3 weeks to see how much it's improved further. So far to good.

The pedigree name of our dog was decided ............ and the winning name was Karolina's Prince of Thieves. I think that was a wonderful idea Sunny, so, thank you!!

In other news and just for your amusement, Toby and I were driving back from the grocery store last week and whilst in the store i'd decided I wanted a drink of Fanta. They sell it in Publix the way they do at a fast food store, in a big cardboard cup with a plastic lid and a straw.......
We made it to the truck, put the shopping away and as I climbed into the passenger seat I just somehow, very clumsily dropped my entire (large) cup of Fanta allover Toby's truck floor. Lovely beige carpet stained with bright orange, sticky soda! Since we had no napkins or anything that might have helped clean it up, Toby had to remove his t shirt to soak up some of the mess. Fortunately my dear husband is wierd and alway wears a plain white t shirt underneath whatever other t shirt he's wearing. It could be 100 degrees and he'd still wear 2 t shirts! Much as I pick on him for this it came in very useful when I asked him to remove the white t-shirt so I could mop up the excess Fanta from him carpet.

Luckily he's far too laid back to get angry at me, and within a few minutes we were both lauging. It quickly became far funnier than it should have been, which was unfortunate because just as I took a mouthful of the remaining (very small amount) of Fanta.........Toby decided to make me laugh again. I couldn't swallow, I was choking in my effort not to spray Fanta out of my mouth, ultimately, I ended up doing a kind of half laugh half snort and blowing Fanta out of my nose and all over the dashboard.

Very unlikely, but god it was so funny!!!! Toby looked at me, then at his dash then back at me and said "I thought it was Fanta, but it'snot".........ha ha very funny play on words.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Oohhh I won an award!

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Thanks to Fine for now for for award!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Suggestions please....

First of all.......let me introduce you to the newest member of our growing 'family'. This is the darling little puppy that we'll be getting after I return from my trip to England. It's only just been born so it's not ready to leave it's mummy quite yet. It's Miniature Pinscher, so he's only going to grow to be about 10 lbs at his biggest, but we looked after one of these for a month last year and despite him being a little thief(he ran away with my hair scrunchies and flip flops) I grew rather attatched to him.
So, my question to you all is this. What should we name him? We need an original sounding Pedigree name which has to start with Karolina's (because that's the breeding house it comes from). Some of the others are called "Karolina's Lock 'n' Load" (his everyday name was meant to be Shooter - but we called him Stinky), "Karolina's Deja Blue" (Shortened to Deja) and "Karolina's Chocolate Covered Bling"(Shortened to Bling).
I need something original. I'm not concerned with the everyday name, I think he'll almost choose his own when we get to know his personality, but his pedigree name needs to be something good. I'd like it to be English in some way. You know, maybe Karolina's English Knight....or perhaps something less lame. But I would like to get something in there that refers to my country of birth.
Oh and my eyes are still healing. My right eye is ok - just a little dry and irritated, but my left is still blurry at best. They assure me it's normal, so hopefully all will be worthwhile when I can wear eye make up without looking like a clown because it's smeared all over my glasses!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Day Two - The Results

Well, so far vision in my left eye is blurred at best, but my right eye seems perfect. They'rre both a little dry and irritated and I have a burst blood vessel in my right eye, but it's not painful.

A follow up consult with the opthalmic surgeon this morning confirmed I have 20/20 vision in my right eye and currently 20/40 in my left eye. The blurriness will wear off in time I am assured, as will the double vision. Apparently it's all a part of the healing process.

They did a bizarre test on my left eye to get it to focus but when it did, my vision was very improved. So, I guess it's as they say - time will tell.

Oh, and Toby has to go back tomorrow. Despite now having perfect 20/20 vision in both eyes, he has swelling in the eye they performed surgery on, so he has to go back for more checks and tests. He says it doesn't hurt though, so we think it's just the natural order of things...........

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Toby and I went and had our eyes lasered today. What an experience that was! We ummed and ahhed over whether or not to do it, but in the end they made us an offer to good to refuse and today was the day we went under the knife.....

Possibly the weirdest sensation ever.
They tell you it wont hurt and you will only feel a little pressure on your eye. I suppose if I am being completely fair and non 'wussy' about it, then it doesn't hurt. But i'm going to be honest and say, not the most pleasant thing to have done.

They put a couple of drops in each eye supposedly to numb them (which is sort of futile since the eyeball itself has no nerve endings and thus cannot cause you to feel pain) then they pin open your eyes and put some kind of plastic device in there to hold your eye in place. It was all very "Clockwork Orange". Then comes the fun part, they slice the top of your cornea and peel it back which causes you to completely lose vision for about 2 sconds - very disconcerting.

The laser part itself is nothing at all. It makes a clicking noice and you stare at a red dot. One of my eyes took 11 seconds. The other took 96 seconds.

As soon as they're done and you open your eyes it's like looking at everything under water. Blurry!!! They give you 3 different types of drops and a regime to follow. You must wear sunglasses whenever outside. You can't touch your eyes, You have to wear protective goggles to sleep. The list of things to do is long.

We came home, and as instructed took a 4 hour nap to rest our eyes. I'm sitting here now wearinf some hideous goggles to protect my eyes from random flying cat hairs whilst we have the fan blowing. My eyes feel sore and the vision in my left eye is FAR from perfect, but they did say it will take time to 'settle'.

I'll keep you informed on the progress........

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Testing 1,2,3...

So, since I go to the USA I have gained a not so delightful 50lbs. It seems more than a little unfair as I really haven't been eating to excess, stuffing myself with fast food and/or donuts, or anything else that should warrant such a fast gain.
Admittedly the lifestyle here is a 'drive thru' one where you pretty much don't have to walk anywhere further than from your car to the door of wherever you are going, but still. Something isn't right.
Three weeks of Weight Watchers saw me GAIN 5lbs!!!! How disapointing?!

So, I am going to the doctors on April 9th, for a bunch more tests, one of which will be a Thyroid Function test. I am also being referred to a dietician, so I can at least discuss what my best options are - besides surgery which I really do not want.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Me and my family..

This was taken in September of 08 at Sea World when my family came to visit me, and attend my wedding.

From front to back: My baby brother, Jack and my dear old Dad. Then then there's Toby and (not so little) old me, behind us is my mum (who HATES any kind of roller coaster) and my stepdad.
I haven't seen them since, and I am SO looking forward to my trip home in 4 weeks time.......Maybe I should have my Dad meet me at the airport with a thick coat though since I don't have one here in Florida. Thoughts?

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