Saturday, 4 April 2009


Toby and I went and had our eyes lasered today. What an experience that was! We ummed and ahhed over whether or not to do it, but in the end they made us an offer to good to refuse and today was the day we went under the knife.....

Possibly the weirdest sensation ever.
They tell you it wont hurt and you will only feel a little pressure on your eye. I suppose if I am being completely fair and non 'wussy' about it, then it doesn't hurt. But i'm going to be honest and say, not the most pleasant thing to have done.

They put a couple of drops in each eye supposedly to numb them (which is sort of futile since the eyeball itself has no nerve endings and thus cannot cause you to feel pain) then they pin open your eyes and put some kind of plastic device in there to hold your eye in place. It was all very "Clockwork Orange". Then comes the fun part, they slice the top of your cornea and peel it back which causes you to completely lose vision for about 2 sconds - very disconcerting.

The laser part itself is nothing at all. It makes a clicking noice and you stare at a red dot. One of my eyes took 11 seconds. The other took 96 seconds.

As soon as they're done and you open your eyes it's like looking at everything under water. Blurry!!! They give you 3 different types of drops and a regime to follow. You must wear sunglasses whenever outside. You can't touch your eyes, You have to wear protective goggles to sleep. The list of things to do is long.

We came home, and as instructed took a 4 hour nap to rest our eyes. I'm sitting here now wearinf some hideous goggles to protect my eyes from random flying cat hairs whilst we have the fan blowing. My eyes feel sore and the vision in my left eye is FAR from perfect, but they did say it will take time to 'settle'.

I'll keep you informed on the progress........


Esther said...

That sounds hideous! You're a braver woman than me. I am far too much of a wuss for something like that.

Good luck! I hope it was successful.

Sunny said...

been thinkin about that myself, too. think I could deal with that...of course I'd have to have it done on my days off. it would be SOOOOO wo nderful to not have to do the glasses thi ng anymore after wearing them off and on since I was two.

Ca't wait to hear the progress report on how it update every day would be awesome so we see how the progress is going on a daily basis!!
You're getting better at blog-posting more recently!!!

Unknown said...

You're brave, but I can confirm it will get better soon. 2 friends had it done last summer and after a week they were great and have never looked back. Sadly I can't have it done due to having Graves Opthamology!

Smocha said...

I have know, what's the going rate for such a thing? (If that's too nosy, just tell me to shut up) LOL

The procedure sounds hideous but I had no idea it was so

I think you should show us a pic of your goggles :)

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