Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Day 12

12 days after the eye doctors sliced off the top of my cornea and played around in there with a laser...........I am seeing quite well. My right eye has perfect 20/20 vision, and my left eye is 20/40. There is still some blurriness through my left eye, but it's minimal and at my most recent checkup they told me it wa all normal and a part of the healing process. I go back in another 3 weeks to see how much it's improved further. So far to good.

The pedigree name of our dog was decided ............ and the winning name was Karolina's Prince of Thieves. I think that was a wonderful idea Sunny, so, thank you!!

In other news and just for your amusement, Toby and I were driving back from the grocery store last week and whilst in the store i'd decided I wanted a drink of Fanta. They sell it in Publix the way they do at a fast food store, in a big cardboard cup with a plastic lid and a straw.......
We made it to the truck, put the shopping away and as I climbed into the passenger seat I just somehow, very clumsily dropped my entire (large) cup of Fanta allover Toby's truck floor. Lovely beige carpet stained with bright orange, sticky soda! Since we had no napkins or anything that might have helped clean it up, Toby had to remove his t shirt to soak up some of the mess. Fortunately my dear husband is wierd and alway wears a plain white t shirt underneath whatever other t shirt he's wearing. It could be 100 degrees and he'd still wear 2 t shirts! Much as I pick on him for this it came in very useful when I asked him to remove the white t-shirt so I could mop up the excess Fanta from him carpet.

Luckily he's far too laid back to get angry at me, and within a few minutes we were both lauging. It quickly became far funnier than it should have been, which was unfortunate because just as I took a mouthful of the remaining (very small amount) of Fanta.........Toby decided to make me laugh again. I couldn't swallow, I was choking in my effort not to spray Fanta out of my mouth, ultimately, I ended up doing a kind of half laugh half snort and blowing Fanta out of my nose and all over the dashboard.

Very unlikely, but god it was so funny!!!! Toby looked at me, then at his dash then back at me and said "I thought it was Fanta, but it'snot".........ha ha very funny play on words.


Anonymous said...

I've heard Fanta out the nose is the new sexy look.

Sunny said...

LMAO- It'snot....I'm glad I wasn't drinking something when I read that!!!

And you're welcome on the name...or rather- Thank Y'all!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

LOL at the Fanta incident (I've snotted coke, the cola kind, before now!) and glad to hear your eyes are doing well.

Kelly I just popped in to thank you! The link you gave me for the spider trap is the exact one I had from Betterware! I then googled the name and found one through PETA here in the USA. You're a star and there will be a post up later tomorrow giving you credit and the links.

Fine For Now said...

Too funny!

What a great name!


Silverback said...

Hiya neighbour....well for 6 months of my year anyway ! Found your blog from the help you gave Sarah with her spider trap.

I'll be back over for the winter in Sebring in October so just 55 miles down US-27 from you. Hope you're enjoying the area.

Daryl said...

Uh oh, sounds to me like you live with a punster ... I do too .. over from Sarah's ... you finding that spider trap was a wonderful thing!

Kelly said...

Shelly - Sexy was not was I was

Sunny - I aim to amuse with my snot telling tales...

Sarah - You're welcome on the spider trap. I had one in the UK and they're genius. They allow you to trap them, keep your distance and not kill them...Good job all round. Although over here I think i'd vacuum them up just in case it was a poisonous one!

FFN - Thanks. NOw we just have to wait and see what everyday name he ends up with depending on his personality.

Silverback - Welcome :o)

Daryl - He does like to pun, but it makes me laugh so it's all good. Thanks for stopping by too :-)

Anonymous said...


Fine For Now said...

Hope you are doing well! How is baby? Have any time to blog an update? :-)

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