Tuesday, 31 March 2009


As those of you who have visited here before may notice, the look here is rather different now.

It was time for a change. Out with the old and in with the new. Plus, how funky is this new blog template??

I think my blogging has been so slack due to a Facebook addiction, oh and going to work 6 days a week.

I tell you what, Americans can be called many things (believe me!!) but work-shy is not one of them. The work ethic here puts me to shame.
I always lived by the ethos of "Work to Live" not "Live to Work". It's the other way around here. All anyone does is work, and when they aren't working, they're talking about work!!!!

It's exhausting! No wonder they have to have drive thru versions of everything!

(There were far too many exclamation marks in this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

I nearly fell over when the page opened. I thought for a second I'd clicked the wrong button. BUT - I love the new look!!!

Sunny said...

LOVE the new look!!!!!

And yeah- americans are workaholics....but i agree totally with you....work to live...not the other way round.

Fine For Now said...


Looks really good :)

You are right about work here, it's so draining.

What is it like in the UK?

Esther said...

I love the new look. Very sexy!

Kelly said...

Shelly - Thanks, Ia m going to 'try' and update more often.

Sunny - You'd love anything if it got me to actually write something, right?

Fine - Sassy..I like that word! In the UK we get a minimum of 25 days a year vacation, plus mandatory holidays that we call 'bank holidays'. That's just a minimum. On top of that, most large companies give paid sick time. I got screwed when I came here!!!!!!

Esther - Loved you last post. Really made me chuckle!

Karen @ If I Could Escape said...

Hi, haven't been around for a while well . . . due to work and Facebook! I LOVE the new look too! It's fab!

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